Don Benjamin by Leo Corredor


Don Benjamin photographed by CW Jacobson & Leonardo Corredor

  • "The amount of money you have doesn’t define you. The amount of heart you have does."
  • "Don’t quit your Day Dream"
  • "Be strong.  If not for you, then for that someone that looks up to you."
  • "Never give up on something you can’t live without."
  • "The people hating are usually the brokest unhappy insecure people.  Show em love they need it the most."


Buckets of fried chicken go so well with Coke. 1969


'Collections' - Model: Tomás Cifre | Photographer: Neil O'Keeffe  | Fashion Editor: Fernando Torres | Grooming: Jay Zhang | Location: Clarkenwell London | Valstrom #2


i just took off my shirt and tried it and it actually fucking works

(Source: cineraria)


Fall 2014 Beauty: Top Marks

Beauty at Jean Paul Gaultier RTW Fall 2014